The BC3 researchers are the core of the centre the drivers to produce Excellence Research. This team will be addressing the Training Caravan speeches at Basque Country Autonomous Community high school classrooms during the 2016-2017 Training Caravan edition, boosting Science Education among students.

María José Sanz SánchezScientific Director.
Main Research Field: Climate change policy, Land use, Air pollution, Carbon and nitrogen cycles, Green house gas inventories.
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  • Anil Markandya
    Anil MarkandyaFormer Scientific Director/ Distinguished Ikerbasque Professor.
    Main Research Field: Environmental economics and resources, Climate Change..
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  • Luis Mª Abadie
    Luis Mª AbadieResearch Professor.
    Main Research Field: Energy Economics, Carbon Markets, GHG Emissions, Real Options and Financial Economics..
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  • Iñaki Arto
    Iñaki ArtoResearch Professor.
    Main Research Field: Environmental-Economic modeling, Input-Output analysis, Social Metabolism.
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  • Stefano Balbi
    Stefano BalbiResearch Fellow.
    Main Research Field: Social-ecological systems and agent-based modelling.
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  • Federico Cardona
    Federico CardonaPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Stakeholder participation in environmental decision-making processes.
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  • Ignacio Cazcarro
    Ignacio CazcarroPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Economics, Input-output economics, Water, Impact Analysis, Environmental science.
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  • Aline Chiabai
    Aline ChiabaiResearch Professor.
    Main Research Field: Economic valuation of climate change impacts on human health for policy guidance, including costs and benefits of adaptation policies..
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  • Amaia de Ayala
    Amaia de AyalaPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: economic valuation; consumer behaviour; discrete choice experiment; welfare analysis; policy guidance; applied econometrics; environmental economics; health economics; energy economics. .
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  • Agustin del Prado
    Agustin del PradoResearch Professor.
    Main Research Field: Developing system-based modelling approaches to: (i) mitigate GHG emissions from land use and (ii) assess the impact of climate change and land use changes on services from agriculture..
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  • Sérgio H. Faria
    Sérgio H. FariaIkerbasque Research Professor – Ramon y Cajal Fellow.
    Main Research Field: Environmental physics, glaciology, human and physical geography. Climate and paleoclimate records. Biodiversity and population dynamics. Continuous diversity, emergence and multiscale modeling.
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  • Sebastien Foudi
    Sebastien FoudiPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: agrobiodiversity, ecosystem services, water resources, risk analysis.
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  • Elena Galán
    Elena GalánPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Mitigation of GHG, Adaptation of Farm Systems to Climate Change, Environmental History, Social Metabolism.
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  • Ibon Galarraga
    Ibon GalarragaResearch Professor.
    Main Research Field: Public policies, policy instruments and economic valuation, with special attention to research that can be useful to inform Basque Climate Policy..
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  • Xaquín García
    Xaquín GarcíaJunior researcher – PhD Student.
    Main Research Field: Environmental and Public Economics.
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  • Eneko Garmendia
    Eneko GarmendiaAssociate Research Fellow.
    Main Research Field: Integrated assessment of complex socio-ecological systems.
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  • Mikel González-Eguino
    Mikel González-EguinoResearch Professor.
    Main Research Field: Climate Change Economics, Environmental and Energy Economics, Integrated Assessment.
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  • Bosco Lliso
    Bosco LlisoJunior researcher.
    Main Research Field: The role of social equity and fairness in the design of payment for environmental services (PES) programs.
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  • Ambika Markanday
    Ambika MarkandayJunior researcher – PhD Student.
    Main Research Field: Adaptation and resilience of urban cities and infrastructure to climate change .
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  • Javier Martínez López
    Javier Martínez LópezPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Ecoinformatics.
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  • David Moreno
    David MorenoIkerbasque Research Fellow.
    Main Research Field: Restoration ecology; ecosystem ecology; biodiversity offsets; ecological engineering; ecosystem based adaptation to climate change.
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  • Marc Neumann
    Marc NeumannIkerbasque Research Professor – Ramon y Cajal Fellow.
    Main Research Field: Environmental modelling, mitigation, adaptation, complexity, uncertainty, water engineering.
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  • Marta Olazabal
    Marta OlazabalPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Urban resilience and transformability.
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  • Ignacio Palomo
    Ignacio PalomoPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Social-ecological systems and ecosystem services.
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  • Guillermo Pardo
    Guillermo PardoPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: GHG emissions and other environmental impacts associated to agri-food systems through LCA methodology.
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  • Unai Pascual
    Unai PascualIkerbasque Research Professor.
    Main Research Field: The ecological-economic relationship between human well-being, biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate change.
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  • Marta Pascual
    Marta PascualIkerbasque Postdoctoral Researcher.
    Main Research Field: Valuation on Marine Ecosystem Services & Marine Spatial Planning.
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  • Laetitia Pettinotti
    Laetitia PettinottiJunior researcher – PhD Student.
    Main Research Field: Economics of ecosystem based adaptation.
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  • Cristina Pizarro
    Cristina PizarroPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Energy Economics, Renewable Energy, Energy Policy, Electricity Market, Climate Policy.
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  • Josue Polanco
    Josue PolancoGV-EJ Postdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Mutldisciplinary Research on Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future – Environmental/Energy/Financial/Paleoclimatic Time Series Analysis – Paleo/Climatology – Statistics & Mathematics Applied – Fisheries Research.
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  • Asun Rodríguez
    Asun RodríguezJunior researcher – PhD Student.
    Main Research Field: Restoration Ecology.
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  • Marí­a Victoria Román de Lara
    Marí­a Victoria Román de LaraJunior researcher – PhD Student.
    Main Research Field: Climate finance.
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  • Iratxe Rubio
    Iratxe RubioJunior researcher – PhD Student.
    Main Research Field: Adaptation to climate change in international fisheries.
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  • Elisa Sainz de Murieta
    Elisa Sainz de MurietaPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Developing and supporting research that informs climate policy, especially at the regional level ; Climate change adaptation;.
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  • Jon Sampedro
    Jon SampedroJunior researcher – PhD Student.
    Main Research Field: Environmental economics, Climate Change.
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  • Alina Tepes
    Alina TepesResearch Assistant.
    Main Research Field: Adaptation to climate change and decision making under uncertainty.
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  • Dirk-Jan Van de Ven
    Dirk-Jan Van de VenJunior researcher – PhD Student.
    Main Research Field: Energy & Environmental Economics.
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  • Ferdinando Villa
    Ferdinando VillaIkerbasque Research Professor.
    Main Research Field: Ecoinformatics – Ecosystem Services and Decision Support Systems.
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  • Leif Vogel
    Leif VogelPostdoctoral researcher.
    Main Research Field: Health Impacts of Air Pollution, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.
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