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The Basque Centre for Climate Change was established in 2008, as one of the Centres of Excellence established under the BERC programme. As the name suggests, it is devoted to studying the causes and consequences of climate change and the best ways of addressing it. Given the vast range of the topic, BC3 was designed to focus on the socio-economic aspects of climate change, albeit within an interdisciplinary framework that includes the natural as well as social sciences. The BC3 is one of the few centres in Europe with this specialization, and it has already established a strong reputation in the field.

Since its inception, the Centre has grown rapidly; now we are a team of 40. The areas of work are structured in 4 research lines: Low Carbon, Climate and Natural Environment, Climate and Health and Climate Policy. BC3 has been increasingly successful in obtaining funds from competitive calls, so that in 2015 an important share of our funds came from such sources, in Spain, the European Union and even more widely.

We believe that we can only be successful if we are fully integrated into the network of research centres working on the same topic. To this end, BC3 has developed collaborative agreements with many institutes: in Spain, across many European countries, in the USA and also in emerging economies, particularly Brazil, China or India.

A Centre of Excellence is evaluated primarily in terms of its scientific output and in this regard BC3 has started to make a name for itself. As the staff has increased, so has the volume of publications, principally in scientific journals, but also in books and monographs. At the same time we are mindful of the fact that a research centre with our focus and multidisciplinary approach can provide contributions not only relevant in the scientific arena but also for the policy making community.. Hence we have participated in major fora where this subject is discussed, including the annual Conference of Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, and we are contributing to the important Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), which brings together the state of knowledge on research on climate and makes it accessible to policymakers. Last but not least, we have prepared policy briefs and presentations for various governments, starting with that of the Basque Country and including those of South Korea, the United Kingdom, France and Spain.

BC3 is already an established part of the network of centres on climate change and we look forward to continue to play an important role in this area, that is widely recognized by our society as critical for the future of our planet.

Foreword of the Scientific Director of BC3: Prof. Maria José Sanz Sánchez

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